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The Long Drive

Build your car

Find some gas

Hunt for cactus

Drive in desert

Find a girlfriend

Eat da poo poo

”Open the garage door and bring out the car.
We will be ridin’, ridin’ oh, so far!”

Our goal is to make the ultimate open world car driving game. For this, we need input, feedback, and yes even ideas from our players, fans. We are developing the game since april now, and we are very very determined to make it happen, because we wanted something like this ourselves, but we just can not think of any other game that has the features our game does.. BUT – we need constant feedback from the players! People who want to hunt for bugs, or give us ideas, suggestions, are very welcome!

We are making pretty good progress, but if we want a polished and excellent product, we need to stay at least for a year, or maybe a year and a half in Early Access. It would be nice to get to the full version by the end of 2020.

Play the game and be a survivor!

Buy the early access now for half price and get the full game for free when it is done.

Early access cost now only $9.99 .