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Published October 5, 2019

Just a little hotfix for the game

Change log (v20191005):

  • Added shadows in the settings, so now you can disable them
  • Added hook to trailers (now you can make a very buggy, unstable centipede)
  • Abandoned cars from now on may have fuel in them
  • Fixed being able to mount more stuff to the same place (this bug was born in the last update)
  • Fixed non-holster-able stuff not obeying gravity and maybe flying away to seek infinite freedom when switched to a different, occupied inventory slot while holding them.
  • Fixed being able to boost with ignition ’till 200 km/h
  • Fixed having to double click when setting the auto shift or clutch from the main menu settings
  • Siphon hoses are more frequent
  • Reduced stone spawn a little bit

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