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Published October 31, 2019

Trick or treat! πŸ™‚

Saves from the last update (v20191026b) should work.
Edit: only if you are not too far away from the start πŸ™ (working on it)

Changelog (v20191031b):

  • fixed car dying when (accidentally) trying to shift to 5th gear
  • fixed the new car from the last update going 200 km/h in 4th gear with half throttle
  • fixed cat food sign missing from the new gas station from last update
  • fixed odometer not saving
  • fixed HoerFuchS’s trophy’s center of mass, so it wont fall over so easy
  • fixed trailer spawn and attach bug and they are more frequent now
  • fixed hose not saving (possibly inventory missing too, but for me nothing ever disappeared, only the hose, so I can’t tell for sure)
  • fixed mouse sensitivity not saving below 1
  • fixed an error which possibly caused a crash sometimes

  • changed front engine car‘s center of mass, so it feels less like a boat
  • changed automatic shift, so maybe it’s easier to start going
  • changed all inventory icons and added hud icons (drawn by player Local Yuri from the discord server)
  • added new crosshair (you can change it back to the old one)
  • added crosshair scale slider
  • added fps limit to main menu, to reduce unnecessary gpu usage
  • added new stuff in radio
  • added a few Halloween stuff (about 5)

  • engines are no longer weak when cold
  • engine cooling sounds are now depending on the temperature (higher temp=faster ticks)
  • menu and hud are now supporting ultra wide aspect ratios
  • fps limit can now be disabled (except in main menu)
  • re-balanced engine heating and cooling (in short, it heats up faster  )
  • removed a copyrighted song from the radio (if there are more, please let us know)
  • removed high refresh rate reflections option from settings

Next update will focus on optimizing cpu usage with unity job system (if for once there are no new bugs with the new update 

Happy Halloween!


If after loading the game, some of you stuff is flying and not really reacting to you, just save and load again, and it should be fixed

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