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Published November 27, 2019

The new terrain generation is finally using the unity job system, so far it looks like it will worth it.

There is no cacti and small rocks yet, but hopefully those will not add that much stress to the CPU.

It can easily keep up with high speeds.
The distant terrain‘s draw distance is 100km (in the current version (v20191103) 30km is the max).
The previous gif can make the mountains and the map look small, but:

The map is now about as big as Earth (40 075 km at the equator, that is now the map’s side length, and you can go “around”)
So far the mountains were spawned by the cacti spawn system, and that caused a few problems especially with a lower draw distance.

But now the mountains spawn in about a 10km radius, they have a new system, and they will not depend on the cacti or the high resolution terrain (which only spawns as far as you set the draw distance).

So it seems like the unity job system will get the job done, as the CPU usage is lower and things will be more stable. Those who have crashes with v20191103 will most likely not have anymore after this update comes out.
(if they were caused by multi threading issues)

You can access the TEST version through steam betas (Upcoming version test) but it doesn’t have main menu, you can’t save or load, there is no road, no items, settings may not work, but there is a car with a full tank and a big desert.

(and this new generation supports multiple “important objects” around which the terrain generates, not just the player 😉 )

There is still a lot of work to do, but hopefully we can release the update before Christmas.

Stay tuned! 😀

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  1. Red Red

    I really want this game i hope i get it for christmas it looks so good:(

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