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Published November 3, 2019

We fixed the inventory disappearing bug and some stuff also added now.

Changelog (v20191103):

  • added Vsync checkbox in the settings
  • added loading bar and new loading text
  • added a new song on poem chill radio
  • re-added bus stop at the start house (was missing since the big october patch)
  • decreased pumpkin spawn
  • fixed inventory disappearing, and you’ll possibly get back all your stuff which disappeared so far (from your inventory)
  • fixed falling under ground when you load a save with many kilometers
  • fixed lights not working at the big gas station (was caused by the fix for the cat food sign disappearing)
  • fixed being able to open or close a few dismounted doors or hoods
  • fixed bed collider (a few of the wooden parts didn’t have any)

and the most important thing:

  • fixed poop made by the player not being saved

(discovered with the help of the red “report to devs” texts, if you see any more of those, it means that, that item will not be saved and will disappear if you load the save, so please continue to report it if you see one)

Thank you for being patient, for the bug reports and for the save files, without those I couldn’t have fixed these issues.
I know there are more, but now that it’s relatively stable, I really want to focus on cpu optimization with the unity job system, it’s possible, that it will fix a few crashes too, by looking at the crash logs. Content and feature updates will come after that 😀

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