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Published October 4, 2019

Change log (v20191004):

  • Added syphon hose
  • Added Steering Wheel and Controller Support
  • Added option for automatic clutch and shifting.
  • Mounting parts is now significantly easier (you don’t have to look at the hinges anymore)
  • Refilling the car is more beginner friendly (you don’t have to look exactly at the tank cap)
  • When you open a door, now you have to move the mouse in the direction you want the door to move, not just up and down, so it makes sense now
  • When dismounting tires from rims, they shouldn’t fly away now
  • Slightly better performance and now the draw distance slider should work correctly so there will be no more crashes (because of the slider) and if you decrease it, the performance boost will be noticeable
  • Odometer’s last digit, which shows 100 meters is now yellow
  • From now on you can’t open the caps slightly with scrolling, because it not really had any use, and was in the way for smooth crouching or bringing objects closer.
  • smaller changes in map generation

Saves from last version should be able to load correctly 😀

We had too many things planned and we ran out of time, so this week’s big update got sliced into two parts, this is the first one, the second one will hopefully come next week.
Thank you all for playing!

If you want to report bugs, give suggestions any feedback, or you just want to talk about the game, you are welcome on our discord server.
Have fun!

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