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Published October 26, 2019

Thank you all, for playing and being patient!

Old saves won’t work!

Change log (v20191026b):

  • huge performance boost
  • new vehicle
  • more realistic and better car handling, driving
  • cars have ignition now, not just starting
  • working dashboard indicator lights
  • engines can be swapped
  • new buildings
  • old buildings updated
  • siphon hose can be placed in inventory and it’s easier to use
  • new car radio model
  • new radio contents
  • wheel spin now has sound
  • can’t refuel from propane canister
  • noons are brighter
  • new inventory icons for a few items
  • auto save now saves a bit more appropriate times
  • auto save lag is should be minimal now
  • you can’t sit on bed while upside down
  • you can load a save while sitting
  • fixed cockpit view headbob bug
  • fixed vsync causing fps limiter to not work
  • fixed turning off heat haze not working properly
  • fixed 3D screenshot not working on all camera modes
  • terrain is a bit flatter
  • moved to new unity (from 2018.3 to 2019.2)

new stuff in settings:

  • wheel center-point slider
  • terrain resolution
  • terrain tile size

And congratulations to HoerFuchS for completing the 5000 kilometer challenge!
Looking forward to your feedback 😀

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